07 December 2009

Second Musical Monday of Advent!

I just got back from a concert I had to play, and lo and behold, I realized I almost forgot Musical Monday!

I do have some FO's to show off (a scarf, fingerless gloves, and a hat) as soon as I get a free moment to weave in the ends and get a decent photograph of them, but for now, let's just get to the music!

Today's selection is one you'll almost all recognize once you hear it. What you may not know, however, is that the Troika from Prokofiev's Lt. Kije Suite was not originally meant as Christmas music. It has become synonymous with sleigh bells, snow, travel and the holidays thanks to movies, but in reality, though it was originally movie music, it had nothing to do with Christmas.

Prokofiev was commissioned to write a soundtrack for the film adaptation of the Russian novella Lt. Kije (in Russian Поручик Киже... had to dig back into my high school Russian notes to remember how to spell that one. Three notebooks later I found the Cyrillic... and then I remembered that Wikipedia exists. D'oh.). The novella is really a governmental satire more than anything else. However, this particular movement from the suite that Prokofiev wrote for the movie has a lot of sleigh bells in it, so of course modern Hollywood has made it into a Holiday song.



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