12 December 2009

So close I can almost taste it...

I'm so close to being entirely on break that I can almost taste it. Sadly, however, close is a far cry from having arrived, so there are still note cards, books, and first, second, third, and fourth drafts of things strewn across our table at home. Grad school can be so silly with the whole, "even if the semester is over for everyone else, it marches on for you" thing.

I'm also currently trapped in a battle with myself over whether or not I should complete a thesis. I had wanted to, and still sort of do, just to have the experience of writing a paper that large under my belt. However, by the same token, I really want to get out on time (this May), because this whole not having a regular, steady job is a huge pain in the ass. However, that's a topic for another entry entirely.

Today, I want to talk about decorating. Christmas decorating, to be precise.

The day after Thanksgiving has been, for the past five or so years (since I left for college) our annual "decorate the house" day. It was moved from December first so that it would be done while I was home on break, and now that my baby brother is away at school, the tradition continues. We roll ourselves out of our Turkey-comas, throw on sweats (draw string, of course) and spend all day putting up the lights, the tree, the assorted nick-knacks and stuffed animals, and anything else Holiday related we can find.

First things always come first, though. So, the morning starts out with our puppy baby:

She gets her fancy jingly Christmas collar on. We have Christmas bandannas too, but the elf collar jingles, so it's perfect as she follows us around helping us decorate all day. The neighbors think its adorable. My mom and I love it. Rusalka even likes having it on. However, my father hates it. OR, at least he claims he does. In fact, the neighbors get to hear the same conversation about it every year:

"Stop emasculating the dog!" He'll shout from on the ladder when we let the dog out into the yard.

"But, she's a girl dog! You can't emasculate a girl!"

"I don't care."

"Dad, her eyelashes are longer and fuller than mine. She's a girly dog. Face it."

"I don't care, take that thing off of her. She was bred for duck hunting, not fashion modeling."

"Have you ever taken her duck hunting? Come to think of it, have you ever been hunting at all?"

"It doesn't matter. It's the principle of the thing."

"Well, if you ever decide to take her duck hunting, I'll take the collar off, but until then..." And that's where I stick my tongue out and return to the house.

He puts up a blustery fight, but I think he secretly thinks its cute, because the collar never comes off until me or my mom takes it off. His lack of action betrays his true feelings. Kind of like how he claims to hate the cats, but hasn't yet thrown them out of the house. I've even caught him petting Chakka once or twice when he thinks we're not looking. Not Genghis though. Even I'll admit, Genghis can be kind of a dick. And he smells, so I understand why. But, even so, the mutant tabby is my cuddle buddy anyway.

And so, anyway, the day of decorating begins. The reindeer come out, there are suddenly little tiny old men with big bellies and white beards everywhere. And the tree... oh, the tree! It is a sight welcome to sore eyes, a stunning focal point for our holiday season, the most amazing looking thing in the entire house... (can you tell what my job was? haha. But for real, it's beautiful.)

However, every year I focus so much on the tree, that often some of our other charming little decorations fly under my radar. So this year, I'll be sharing some of my favorite decorations with you guys photographically, a little with every post. As you'll see, we take our holiday decorating really quite seriously.

In addition, this might help my mom keep tabs on what she'll need to keep an eye on when I move out. I have every intention of taking some of this stuff with me, which I'm sure she won't like one bit.

A quick digression before I sign off (although lets face it, digressions are my forte): In knitting news, I do have some FOs. I have only managed to get one photographed, but in addition I have two hats, a scarf, and half a crocheted scarf complete as well. Pictured below are my first successful pair of mitts, that were not knit flat, and that are more than just k1p1 ribbing. They are the Cafe au Lait Mitts (Ravelry Link). This photo was taken before I wove in all the ends (I tried my best to hide them in the picture). The ends have since been buried, so I'll go into more detail on the project when I get around to rephotographing them on my hands!



zcrescendo said...

"There are suddenly little tiny old men with big bellies and white beards everywhere."

Really, l.c., you probably should keep the sordid details of your personal life to yourself.

But seriously, I love the holiday theme, especially the giant pic of 'salka! And knowing how hard core you and your family get for Christmas helps put me in the spirit as well. =)

fishy89 said...

Select hybrid grad/undergrad students also have work that has extended past the end of the semester, unfortunately. I feel your pain there. It seems it never will end. IN FACT... I got an e-mail yesterday from one of my spring teachers with eight books that "should be read" before Feb.

adrienne said...

The mitts look great, and your dog! She's so sweet. I might try to steal her if I were closer...

Amanda said...

Wow amazing decorations. And the mitts are gorgeous!

lara griffiths said...

decorating it is then~ and what a great job. the pup belongs pulling a sleigh! not emasculating at all :)

DrChopSuey said...

Yay... end of the semester! Happy Dance!

I've said it before and I'll say it again, your pup is ADORABLE!! So, so, so cute!

I can't wait for more details of the FO's. The mitts look so cute and comfy!

petrina said...

LOVE your mittens! the arfe the perfect raspberry shade too :)