29 December 2009

Well, THAT holiday flew by!

Where did the last two weeks go?

Christmas totally snuck up on me, bringing both the highs and lows for me this year, as is the case with every year since reaching quasi-adulthood. But the lows are mainly just the normal pressures that women face at holiday times: the baking, the shopping, the "Holiday Joy Creating." A little more fell on my shoulders this year since my mom is having some mobility issues (broken foot), and my grandmother is having back issues (which makes the kolachi making, the хрін (khrin - red beets and horseradish, a traditional Ukrainian dish that is often eaten with ham) making, and the fruitcake making difficult without some help).

Funny how that all seems to fall on the shoulders of women. I just thank heavens that I'm not dating anyone and don't have that added holiday pressure of a bf and the family that ends up included in such a deal. I love being single right now. Seriously. I've just got way too much on my plate. Plus, lets face it, I refuse to settle for someone I'm not attracted to because they happen to be available and willing. In fact, I refuse to settle at all, ever again. When I decide to date again, it's going to be someone I'm really attracted to, and that just doesn't exist at the moment, nor would I particularly want it to.

Anyway, the holidays came and went, and were overall a success. I received a lot of amazing gifts, including the repair of my baby (my cello) from my parents, which has been a year and a half in the works. I also received a lot of other great great gifts, which I'll brag about in a later post.

The main reason behind this post is to show off my big gift giving project of the year: Matryoshki. My two grandmothers and my godmother all got one. Full, five piece dolls, hand painted by me. (Although I only managed to photograph two of the three. I'll get photos of the third next time I'm up my grandmother's.)

I'm not totally happy with any of them, but I do like the end result of all of them, even if they aren't perfect.

They started out as blank, wooden dolls, bought from the amazing Ukrainian Gift Shop. Great place, super fast shipping, also our source for pysanki supplies.

Two weeks, and about a season and a half of both CSI and CSI: NY later, they gradually began to develop.

I learned some lessons in the process, the biggest one being that I should always leave space for white trim in the first place instead of trying to paint it over a block color.

The other big lesson was something that I'm sure is simply common sense to most people: Don't spray acrylic sealer in your basement, unfinished though it may be. Just don't.

I did gain some control over fine details that I did not have back when I was using toothpicks on my mini-canvases thanks to my investment in actual detail paint brushes.

And overall, they were a big hit with their recipients, so whatever imperfections I still see in them don't really matter then, do they? My grandmothers and my godmother loved them, so... Mission accomplished!



Amanda said...

Your Matryoshki are fabulous - what a great gift.

Lupie said...

Your Nesting Dolls are beautiful!
I hope you have a Happy and Healthy New Year.

Iron Needles said...

Yep. I can see why they would Just. Love! those dolls. They are really outstanding. Good job.

Happy New Year, L!

adrienne said...

Oh, I love the Matryoshki! Lovely present!

Happy New Year :)