27 February 2009

Talk about making a gal feel special! I've been nominated, not once, not twice, but FOUR TIMES for the Kreativ Blogger award! Thank you so much Tracey (of Yarn Unraveled), Lara (of little sheep. big sheep.), Megan (of Knitting like it's my job), and Lupie (of Knitting with my mother's hands and the creator/amazing admin of the Lesser Known Skeins group on Ravelry)!

So now it's my turn.
Here are the rules for the nominees:
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My Nominees are… drum roll please…









  • I should have a fairly lengthy update within the next few days, but until then, enjoy these amazing blogs (and hop on by the Lesser Known Skeins group on ravelry to find even more)!


    18 February 2009

    And then came the snow...

    Wet, squishy, perfect-snowball making snow. It's been coming down since about noon here in the Northeast, and to be frank about it, I'm thrilled. It's just warm enough that I got a chance to really enjoy it without freezing my proverbial balls off, and it's so pretty. The big, fluffy flakes drifting slowly down underneath the streetlights... I really do love winter, can't you tell?

    Well, I've had an interesting week. I'm just about done with my substitute gig during the day, and that has been endlessly educational for me. I think I could possibly be a high school teacher without tearing my hair out. I don't think I'd be able to do music, but as a history teacher, I think I may be capable, and frankly, good at it. The question remains whether or not I would be happy as a high school history teacher. Well, in reality, the question remains exactly WHAT I would be happy doing in general. I still don't even have a field narrowed down. I can pursue the opera thing, I could go the History route (either as a high school teacher, or continuing for my Ph.D.)… I could also bypass both and go with the English degree somehow. I have it, and I can certainly use it. So though this experience has at least affirmed a suspicion, it has essentially done nothing to solve my overall dilemma.

    It's an interesting thing to be working in my old high school, I must admit. Especially as the teacher of a program I was so ridiculously involved in during my time as a student. I keep finding little traces of myself everywhere. My name penciled into a score as a soloist, on old lists of the chamber ensemble tucked in the back of a folder, or my handwriting on the music library folders from my year as the librarian… It's an odd feeling, and not necessarily one I classify as a good nostalgia. I personally have very conflicted feelings when I look back on my high school years. I was a total freaking tool, and was trapped in a seriously unhealthy relationship. I was bored academically, frustrated with the whole high school experience, and I didn't really fit in any social circle. I changed who I was for a long time in order to feel like I belonged somewhere, and ultimately it came back to bite me in the ass (not that long ago actually). I certainly would not classify my high school experience as an overall positive one (in fact, the program I am now substituting in was one of the only totally good things), so it's odd to be back in that building daily again.

    The little traces I keep finding of myself feel like they were from a different lifetime. I've changed so much, and at the same time I haven't. I'm still the same person, I just don't feel like I need to change my outward presentation in order to fit anywhere. I've realized that I deserve better than what I allowed myself to have relationship wise. I'm comfortable with myself, finally. I have self-esteem. All that other stuff feels like it was so long ago… In reality it's only been (exactly) four years since I myself was sitting in that classroom as a senior, looking out that same window, hoping for an early dismissal as I watched the fluffy, wet, perfect snow drift down. And frankly, I'm glad I'm not back in that student position. I really like where I am in life right now. And that's a marvelous thing.


    P.S. - These photos are not from today, they are from early last week sometime. I forgot my camera today.

    16 February 2009

    I have a problem...

    Okay, I'm admitting it...

    I am addicted to purses.

    I was cleaning my room up, reorganizing it so I can bear to breathe again (not to mention actually get some work done) when I realized it. I began to pull purses off out of the wire cubes they're stored in so I can put them back in an organized fashion, and they just kept coming... Purse after purse.

    In the pile above I counted around forty purses. And that's not even counting the expensive name brands, which I keep in a separate, safer place...

    ...those number nine plus three wristlets not pictured here.

    It's a serious problem. Clearly. I don't even want to think what all these cost me in total. I'm trying not to think about it, instead continuing to remind myself that all but one of the Coach bags were gifts, two of the Dooney's were hand me down's from my very generous Aunt, and with three more being gifts.

    But still, the drain on my wallet merely from the first pile scares me. So, with the blogosphere as my witness, I'm putting a 6 month moratorium on new purses. I need a functioning laptop cozy, that I may purchase, but other than that, nothing. And I mean nothing. And all of you out there need to hold me to that.

    In other news, I've begun to teach myself how to use circs! It's just a simple scarf/cowl (I haven't decided which yet) in a basket weave type stitch. I hated using them at first, but I seem to be getting used to it. They certainly seem to be a bit easier on my wrists, but I think that's because I HAD to adjust the way I hold the needles in order to actually use them. We'll see when I go back to a project on straights!


    12 February 2009

    Poppin' by...

    Just poppin' by to say, "I'm still around!" I've been super busy lately, as I'm still substituting during the day, and also, over the past month or so my grad classes and various rehearsals have gradually started to eat away at my time again. Now that the last thing has been added back into my schedule after the holidays, I'm settled and used to managing my time again. I should be around more frequently in the coming weeks... at least until midterm time!

    Oh, and HAPPY DARWIN DAY!! =D


    (Oh, and happy birthday Abe Lincoln too!)

    01 February 2009

    Here we go, Steelers....

    Here we go!

    Pittsburgh's Goin' to the Superbowl!


    Now, if only I didn't come down with a stomach virus this afternoon, I might actually be able to enjoy this game. Well, I guess I'd technically be in Orchestra rehearsal right now if it wasn't for the virus, so at least I get to see it, sick or no!