04 July 2009


For all you United Staters out there, Happy 4th! I'm still summer camping it up, but in honor of the holiday, I'm moving Musical Monday to Saturday, and using my 10 minutes (or more like two of them of the ten) on the community computer to share some festiveness, MUPPET STYLE.

Enjoy and Happy 4th!


01 July 2009

Just a heads up/explaination

My apologies for going AWOL recently. And more so for the fact that I will continue to be AWOL for the next few weeks. I got a call from a summer camp for exceptional high schoolers I worked at last year on a days notice saying that they unexpectedly needed an extra RA, so I'm off to there for a few weeks. My computer is not compatible with their system, so I will only have access to the blogosphere on my nights off when I get to go home, which are few and far between, and frankly too short once travel time is factored in to really do anything but possibly post some photos.

So thus begins Lunaticraft's blog writing month and a half sabbatical. I'll pop in with photos when I can. Hopefully they'll give you an idea what I'm up to! (Oh, and I'll keep up with Musical Mondays when I can!)