31 October 2009

27 October 2009


Well, crying disaster considering all else that is going on in the world may be a little melodramatic... and ridiculous... and downright hyperbolic... so...


I don't have a ton of time, and no pictures, so I'm just going to share with you an old fashioned list, in no particular order, and all kind of scattery sounding. (I'll include a Too Long: Didn't Read synopsis after each one, as these are bound not to be my best writing ever.)

Ah, lists. I love them.

1) My RSS feeder exploded. Or rather, totally reset itself to factory (or more likely programmer's basement) defaults. So I lost my entire blogroll and am going to have to go through and reassemble it through the LKS site. Luckily I have all the lists at my disposal, so as I go through and update the LKS blog (which will happen very soon), I will gradually cobble my blogroll back together. TL:DR - RSS feeder = kaput. Will get back to blogroll soon.

2) I think I have been doing my YOs backwards. I'll have pictures and details, and more information on that coming up soon. I popped into an LYS outside of Scranton looking for blocking wires last week, and in the course of talking the lovely shop owner was very helpful and comforting, so as soon as I have time I'm going to pop back in and hopefully figure out why my YOs look funny when spread. Not to mention walk out with way more yarn than I can currently afford, I'm sure (MY GOODNESS there was beautiful yarn everywhere... I'm SO GLAD I now know of an LYS within reachable distance, and especially with such a welcoming atmosphere... now just to find the time to get there). TL:DR - Might have to frog swallowtail, might not. And the Summit Yarn Studio is beyond awesome.

3) I finally figured out why I was not being called in as a substitute teacher, and over the course of a few days finally got that worked out. Which is actually very good, because while I was enjoying the extra time for schoolwork, my bank account was not doing so hot on gigging alone. However, this now leaves far less (or rather NO) time for me to get my shit done during the days when I have rehearsals and classes every night. So that's where the minor inconvenience part comes in. TL:DR - I am now gainfully employed. Sort of. As a result, schoolwork just became quite a bit harder.

4) I've been at all out war with my sinuses for about three whole weeks now. I developed my seasonal sinus infection about two and a half weeks ago. Now, I get these things three or four times a year. Me and seasonal sinus problems are old, intimate friends, and when she comes to visit, we just go everywhere together, no problem (and yes, my sinus infections are gendered, apparently). But this time, she turned on me. Stabbed that knife right in my back. I went on like nothing was different, as I usually do, but apparently this time she wanted more attention and fought back in the form of debilitating fatigue. I kept powering through, but she ran a blitzkrieg on my voice, stripping it away and leaving raw, irritated tissue in its place. Damage control was the name of the game at this point, with General Tea with Lemon, Commander Honey Water, and Special Ops Force Vitamin C leading the way. But then came the final blow... the cough made a surprise attack and the win went to the sinus infection. So two and a half weeks later and I'm finally finishing the clean up and getting better TL:DR - I've been sick. Rather sick, but I'm finally getting over it. Also, I'm terrible at making (somewhat inappropriate) military metaphors and probably should never attempt to do so again.

Other points of possible interest:

  • I am now on twitter! follow me @lunaticraft. Still pretty new to the whole thing, so lets see how this goes.

  • It's almost pumpkin pie time! I'm hopefully going to get some awesome pie pumpkins on Friday when I skip up to the Farmer's market after my class.

  • Paper season is quickly approaching. I'm going to try to stay ahead of the game this semester. For real this time. I've only got two big ones, so it should be a tad easier.

    Aaaannnnndddd.... That's about all I have for now.


    p.s. - Sorry for the scatteriness of this, and the lack of pictures. It's been a whirlwind of a few weeks.
  • 13 October 2009


    The onset of October always starts that inevitable swing down to the holidays that I so love. Some of my favorite things come about in October. Halloween... Weather cool enough to require gloves when playing Frisbee with the pups so I don't get doggie spit all over my hands... Sinus Infection season... Err, wait. That one's not so fun. But, pumpkin lattes are! As are pumpkin pies... Pumpkin carving... Pumpkin everything, really... Blanket weather... Chestnuts... The turning of the leaves...

    And of course...


    Now, I'm not a big drinker. Never have been. I'm one of those people who really didn't start imbibing until I was actually legal, and even now that I am, I don't drink often, and I don't drink much. Being buzzed or drunk is simply not a feeling that I enjoy. I like control too much, I think.

    But that's not to say I don't enjoy a good beer now and again, and Oktoberfest is the perfect opportunity to try some new ones.

    My favorite so far this Oktoberfest season has been the Spaten Oktoberfest brew, although nothing has yet come close to replacing Guinness as my all time favorite beer. But, even so, there have been a lot of good times with friends, with more to come in the next two weeks.

    Sadly, all this social activity (compounded by the chronic sinus infections that hit me every change of season) means I have not finished my swallowtail shawl yet. The only things I've finished in the last week or so have been a number of pints, and a lot of homework. I have made some progress though, finishing the budding lace repeats, but it's going to be a little while yet before I can cast off and start blocking. I've also gotten distracted by a number of other projects, namely a lace scarf and some more matryoshki designs for a super special Christmas project.

    But for now, I'm not going to worry about it. I'm just going to enjoy October for what it is, because once November hits, it'll be time to buckle in on my various papers. And then, before you know it it'll be Finals time, and then the holidays. So I'm going to have a pint here, do some knitting there...

    While I still have the time to do it!


    02 October 2009

    Wha? Fall? When did that happen?

    Autumn has clearly sprung early here in the Northeast, with no hope of abating. One minute it's tank top and shorts weather, and the next I'm dragging out my sweaters and long pants. I guess that's what I get for letting September get away from me. And August. And July. And let's not even talk about June.

    So the weather has turned, and with it, I have finally caught up with everything I was behind on. Except my thesis. But we're really not going to talk about that. Hopefully I can put a tiny dent in that process this coming week, now that I'm up to date on everything else.

    Hopefully, I'll be back on track, and maybe even have some extra time to play Frisbee with the pups (who has gotten shockingly little attention from me over the past few weeks, and I feel so guilty about it), or *gasp* get something substantial done craft wise!

    That's not to say I've been totally negligent of my knitting (or the pups for that matter... no Frisbee, but a lot of love!). I did get quite a bit done on my Swallowtail Shawl, which is finally working now that I've got my awesome new KnitPicks Options. I'm twelve repeats into the Budding Lace pattern courtesy of the Daily Show and Colbert Report, and it's going swimmingly. I am a little apprehensive about the nupps that are coming up in the next pattern shift, but I found a great online tutorial for them that I hope will make the going a little less scary. I should be hitting them within the next day or two, and I'm hoping to be totally done and blocking in a weeks time.

    But we all know what happens when I set goals for myself (I fail...), so, maybe I shouldn't say that.

    But here's hoping anyway. And now, I'm off to do some reading about 19th century New York City.

    WOOHOOO!! (And that's only half sarcastic!)