22 February 2010

Quick Update.

First, an official FO: My finished Collared One-Button Scarf.

Next, a Ravelympics preview. My Saroyan, for Team Squint Squad in Cascade Pastaza:

And last, my Traveling Woman for Team Oooh, Shiney:

I love the Noro sock yarn in these colors. I'm almost hesitant to use it because looking at the little skein belly-button makes me so happy.

More as the scramble starts to end!



zcrescendo said...

As a great lover of scarves, I think that scarf is awesome. The snow background and your own modeling of your neck wear is also totally cool. If that makes sense.

The socks look funky, in a good way.

Iron Needles said...

You go! I am working feverishly on my second sock, having been distracted by finishing up the gift slippers.

And I know what you mean about the Nora...I have some and think, how could any FO look as cool as that!