18 March 2010

Greener Pastures

There are very few times in my life when green polka-dotted rain shoes are acceptable and appropriate, and this past week, they have gotten their allotted yearly wear.

Not only has spring begun to arrive here in NEPA, but just in time for the annual St. Patties Day celebrations.

Now, in and around the greater Scranton area, St. Patricks Day is a sacred event. Even for the non-Irish, it's like Christmas, only with more green beer and Irish Whiskey. Funnily enough the 17th itself is not really a big deal. Yea, maybe you'll hit an Irish pub for a Guinness. Maybe you'll wear a green shirt to work. But other than that, it's just another weekday. No, in the Scranton area, St. Patrick's day comes early, and with a vengeance.

Parade Day.

You don't even need to specify which parade. You just know. The Saturday before the 17th, the streets of downtown Scranton are filled with green. Everyone from the tiniest toddlers to the oldest mobile citizens come out to see one of the country's biggest parades, ranked number 2 based on participants per population. Only Savannah, GA beats it, and NYC comes in at number 3. The bars open at 9, the parade starts around noon, the breaking of open container laws is openly flaunted, and as always, the pipers are plentiful.

I do not have many pictures of the parade from this year, because, to be entirely honest, I did not do much parade going this year. There was plenty of celebrating, but the crazy cold wind and rain kept the parade attending to the minimum for me, and when I did, my camera stayed nice, warm, and dry in my pocket.

Now, for me, the interweb appropriate celebrating came, for a change, on St. Patty's Day itself. After working as an elementary school music teacher for three days (20 third graders with recorders, while fun, was an experience that I do not wish to repeat anytime terribly soon), I went with some good friends to the Scranton/Wilkes-barre Penguins game, which we affectionately refer to as the "Baby Pens."

Now, having done my undergraduate work in Pittsburgh, I am a Pittsburgh Penguins fan. It's almost a graduation requirement out there. But the Penguin love has stuck with me since leaving, so it's kind of special for me to live in the area where their feeder team resides. And yesterday, not only did the Baby Pens have a special St. Patty's day logo and jerseys (basically a requirement in this area), but there were pipers there to help celebrate.

And what were we celebrating?

Well, the Stanley Cup of course! It came for a visit, since it is currently held by our parent team.

So a very special St. Patrick's Day week it has been.

Isn't it beautiful?


P.S. We won! The Luck 'o the Irish was with us! =D


DrChopSuey said...

THE parade and festivities sound wicked fun!

And the shoes are adorable! :)

Amanda said...

Love those shoes!

adrienne said...

Cute shoes!! And it sounds like lots of fun :)

Abbey said...

Those are great shoes!!! Love them!!! Glad you had a good time, fun times!!! Where is music Monday?? LOL, I know you must be busy!