09 April 2010

Miles to go...

So Easter has come and gone, and my disappearance from the web-o-sphere has only continued. My days away from the Internet have been jam packed, but mostly pleasant. My life is currently gearing up for yet another big transition: another graduation. This time with my Masters. With the impending degree ceremony comes all the hectic preparation for it, the frantic studying for Comprehensive Exams (in less than two weeks), the desperate flailing for post-graduation employment, the panicked search into benefit options and packages to be bought in case said employment does not cough them up...

Doesn't sound all that pleasant, really, when I list it all like that.

But my friends and family have really served as a wonderful distraction, keeping me from getting too wrapped up in the uncertainty of June and beyond.

So, jam-packed, but pleasant.

Much like the holiday that just passed. (How's that for a transition? My writing professors are probably cringing instinctively wherever they are.)

This year, the Easters were together. Once every four years the Russian Orthodox Easter aligns with the Easter that everyone else celebrates, and that results in a day long marathon for our family. Two houses, two dinners, and countless churches thanks to our status as musical mercenaries.

But, as always, sometime in between devouring the Blueberry pie I whipped up (shown above) and eating our way through my Aunt's delicious, if a little modern art looking Cheese Pascha, we found time to take our annual hike back "the Fields."

Every year, the epic green wonderland that is contained in my father's memories of childhood becomes a little more eroded, a little more industrialized. But the beauty didn't evaporate. It just changed. It's still as beautiful as ever, only now it's in a strange, grey and brown kind of way.

This year it really helped remind me that good can be found in even some of the most unlikely places, and also allowed me put all the shifts I'm about to undergo into perspective.

Sure, things might not go exactly how I planned. But if I just keep going, keep heading down the road, things will stay beautiful. Even if it is in a slightly different way from what I expect.

And now I'm going to totally ruin the introspective nature of this post by introducing a new, if intermittent feature.

For the past, oh, forever, I have been collecting photos online that make me laugh. I don't know why I save them to my hard drive. It's a compulsion really. You know, just in case some sort of godzilla-esque monster ever attacks and the only way to defeat it is to have enough random funny crap saved on your computer.

You can never be too careful.

But anyway, I figure it's about time I start doing something with them, so thus begins "Funny Shit Friday." Enjoy!


P.S. - DAYUM, my feet are PALE.


DrChopSuey said...

Hey girl... good luck on comps -- you'll do great! And can't wait to give the big congrats on the masters in a few short weeks.

Beautiful pics and nice story today, it was refreshing to read and very uplifting!

BTW... hehe... I thought you had on white socks with your cute shoes and I was going to scold you on the fashion flub...hhehe jk (you know I'm the LAST to give fashion advice) ;)

imperfectepoch said...

That picture with the railroad tracks is amazing. So much color and a great concept.

zcrescendo said...

Lily-white-looking feet or not, I really like that picture because of the variety of color in the rocks.

Thanks for the uplifting post. Also, a Karl Marx/Yo' Mama meme is a pretty epic find!

Abbey said...

Another wonderful post! Your photos are so beautiful! Hope you're back regularly soon!! I'll be thinking of you as the year comes to a close!!