16 May 2010


As I sit here, with the Met's production of Carmen playing on PBS, I am reminded of how lucky I am to finally have a chance to relax and breathe a little. April and May are always one of the busiest times of the year for me, particularly this year as I gear up to take one more walk down that mortarboard lined isle and receive yet another degree. Granted that doesn't make me any more employable, sadly, but what can I ask when I've got a degree in English and another in History? Really. Not good career planning on my part, but damn did I enjoy getting to this point. Me thinks a Ph.D. lies in my future a few years down the road anyway.

For now, I'm in that lull after classes and concerts are over, but right before the rush of commencement. I lucked out as far as finals go, and both my classes are take home essays, so as I work on them gradually, I can finally sit and relax and appreciate the summer that has seemingly all of a sudden sprouted around me. Boy was that a surprise when I went for a walk and noticed everything was suddenly green.

There's been a ton of change taking me by surprise lately, the condition of the outdoors being only one of them. I've been quite a bit more impulsive and daring lately, and I can't really explain why, but I like it. For example, I'm now a Linux user. I made the switch to Ubuntu about a month ago now, and am loving every second since I told Windows to go stick it.

There has been some adjustment time as I figure everything out, and set all my online stuff back up. For example, I'm just now beginning to cobble my RSS feeds back together (my apologies for my long absence from your comment sections, LKS friends!). I'm also just now starting to spend more time going about my old computing habits instead of spending all my CPU time playing with all the fun new features or downloading handy new (free!) software. Overall, though, it's been a fun, if slightly nerdtastic move to the land of Tux the penguin. However, I am really looking forward to getting back into the swing of the interwebs and knitting as the semester winds down.

For now though, the final paper of my masters career is calling to me...



Amanda said...

Love the photos and good luck with that final paper.

adrienne said...

Awesome! I just bought a Mac, and am slowly adjusting, but have used Linux for years. I love to hear about new people trying it out :)

Jo said...

Welcome to the cult! I love ubuntu -- using it right now actually.

Abbey said...

Hey Lunatic! Where have you been? I hope you're enjoying your summer! Great pictures, the flowers are beautiful! Come back soon!