25 March 2011

A FO!? After how long!?

First real FO in a while! Made after my best friend made a request for a blue scarf. Specifically, the blue of our mutual high school alma mater. After a longer-than-necessary debate over WHAT blue that actually was, (he insisted that it was bright, supersaturated, primary color blue that's basically only available in Red Heart Supersaver. I insist it's more of a navy,) I set out to try to find a suitable yarn in a suitable color.

Who knew blue was so complicated?

Anyway, thanks to sage advice of Mary Ellen at the lovely Summit Yarn Studio, I found a perfect compromise between the two ideas in Ella Rae's Classic Chunky Superwash. Overall, it was a delight to knit with. Slightly splitty here and there, but not enough to really bother me, and frankly, the end result was so beautiful that even if it was the most splitty yarn in the world it would have been worth it. It's soft, and squishy, and warm.

My only real complaint is that it smelled like hell during blocking. Like a sheep ate a chemical perm kit and then took a massive dump. However, the smell completely went away once it was dry, and when I re-washed it the smell was significantly less chemically and more of a normal wet wool smell. I think it must have been the dye, because the first time (the smelly time), the water I washed it in turned surprisingly bright blue with the first few rinses. As a result, I would not use this to knit any sort of multi-colored project with light colors unless I washed the yarn a couple times before knitting for fear of bleeding.

The pattern (Cailyn Meyer's Logi ) was delightful. Easy to follow, well charted, beautiful result. I was concerned at first that the end result might be too thin for a guy (I'm always afraid that my end result will turn out too dainty looking for men when I knit for them... a silly concern when the original pattern was designed for a guy, but I can't ever shake it for some reason). In the end it turned out perfectly as is. If I decide to knit this again using worsted weight instead of chunky yarn, I may double the moss stitch border. Not because I was unhappy with the end result, mind you, but rather because someone else who knit the pattern did and I really like the way it looks.

Overall, first real FO in a while = success. I've got more on the way as well in the form of my finally finished Traveling Woman , and an almost completed and slightly modified The Age of Brass and Steam Kerchief ... I just have to get around to photographing it!



Timiae said...

I love it! Off to Rav now to queue...

DrChopSuey said...

I looooved your description of the smell... it made me laugh so much! Good thing the smell went away! But very lovely, I think the cable looks so precise and pretty in that color.