19 June 2011

Sunday Quick Shots

The half-assed photographing of my first shawl last post, combined with catching up on my back log of Posie Gets Cozy posts made me realize that the main reason I don't post often is because I rarely bring along a camera while I'm out and about. And for me personally, no photos, no blogging.

So I've decided to start using the camera function on my phone for all it's worth, and over the past week or so it has proven itself very useful. As has the retro camera apps that I downloaded. They allow me to take quick shots wherever I am, and while they may not be the highest quality, it still gives me an end product that I like with minimal effort, minimal editing, and no added bulk to carry. By utilizing my phone I'm able to capture moments that I normally wouldn't, such as...

... the ruins of my very first time trying real buffalo wings, something I actually didn't mind.

Two would-be-bird-terrorizers, prepped and pining.

A mournful puppy, wondering why she's not being allowed to greet the small children walking home from school.

A quiet back porch, calling out for someone to visit with a book.

The fact that this week has been a week of firsts with food for me, as I get ready to dig into a wet burrito filled with cow tongue and goodness at Chicano's in Scranton's South Side.

A trip to the region staple ice cream parlor, Manning's.

Or a finally open and inviting pool.

I'm still playing with which app I like better for what, and which filters/cameras I like the look of best, but in the end, here's to a more active, more photograph filled bloggy life.



Amanda said...

Great shots!

Timiae said...

I love the pics!

DrChopSuey said...

Wow -- those are really nice pictures from a camera on a phone! You really have a knack of catching something mundane and making it look like art!

Lupie said...

I love picture filled posts!