22 October 2011

A Project! Finally!

What is this fabric covered thing against the wall?

Covered in cats in kimonos? This lovely charming fabric I've been stashing for years, indecisive about how to use it?

Why... it's a magnetic makeup board!! My months and months of browsing Pinterest have brought a number of great DIY and organizational ideas to my attention, and this seemed to be not only the easiest to achieve, but also the most useful for the next project that was on my "to do" list during the great purge: Organize my makeup.

I had always stored it in a massive Caboodles steel finish train case thing, and as I was going through it and getting rid of what was too old/too crappy to use anymore, I realized two things. 1) I have an awful lot of makeup for someone who never wears it, most of which I have forgotten about because it's always packed away in the train case. and 2) Taking this into account, when I do wear makeup, I probably should broaden my horizons away from the same brown eyeliner/shadow/mascara that I use EVERY TIME. So this seemed like a perfect project for me. It will get my makeup out in to the open... easy to find, easy to grab, hopefully more tempting to use.

The idea was pinned originally from this post at Laura Thoughts, and it was a pretty simple project as it was there, but I changed it a little even so. I didn't go the sheet metal route that she did, since I couldn't find a frame I liked. Instead, I picked up a massive magnetic dry erase board at Walmart for about $5, grabbed some spray adhesive, a stapler, and my fabric, and then set to work. Covering the board only took about 15 minutes.

Hot gluing the magnets onto my makeup was a little more time consuming, but that's mainly because, well... I have a lot of makeup. In total the project took me about two hours and cost me maybe $20 tops. Quite honestly, the magnets were the most expensive part of the whole project, and if I had been willing to wait and get them online I could have cut costs quite a bit. I paid $6/50 magnets at Michael's, and I ended up needing just under 100. So that was the bulk of the cost. What can I say. I'm impatient.

And yes, that is Hello Kitty Eyeliner. I like Hello Kitty, okay?

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Timiae said...

I love it! So organized and I looooove that fabric. I think it's time I check out pinterest...