05 November 2011

Annual Halloween Decoration Photo Dump

The day before Halloween, we woke up to a winter wonderland.

But sometime in between me going to work (I work in a church choir on Sundays), and returning home armed with some extra candy, it had mostly melted and the sun had come out.

So, I present to you the annual documentation of our family Halloween Decorations. (Previous years can be found here and here.)

Considering we're a household consisting of two grown children, the amount of decorations we own and add each year is slightly obscene.

The snow helped the pumpkins hold up quite well. In fact they're still looking good now, a week after carving. They are making our now leaf-stained (thanks to the unexpected snow) stoop look much more festive.

Our neighborhood pumpkin smashers seemed to have graduated and gone to college or something, since they've not fallen victim to that either. Or maybe they've simply grown out of it. OR maybe they have some respect for the carvings. Probably the Squidbillies one. Because come to think of it, all the ones we've had smashed have been uncarved...

We've also extended our decorating beyond the front yard, adorning our very overgrown apple trees with hanging scariness.

Overall, I hope everyone had a safe and happy Halloween!


1 comment:

Serge said...

I'd imagine that Grim Reaper must have looked way scarier during the evening.