09 December 2011

Bright Spots in a Bitter and Busy Morning

A perfectly made Merrimint Mocha.

A Christmas Candy Cane Manicure (Sally Hansen Gem Crush Cha-Ching! with FingerPaints Well-Cultured Pearl)

And what's that in the background?

Why, I'm learning Japanese! My boyfriend and I are learning together. His interest stems from the fact that he's part Japanese, and I've just always been interested in learning an Asian language but never had an outlet to do so. Also, I really want to travel there some day, and as I found out on my trip to China, traveling would be much much easier with a basic grasp of the language.

Although I must say, we got by shockingly well with only "thank you," "toilet," and "beer" in our vocabulary.

Anyway, we decided to give it a shot hoping that having someone to work with will make the process easier. So far, so good despite only having my lunch hour to work on it.


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Timiae said...

YUM! That peppermint mocha looks sooo yummy! I'm a sucker for anything minty.