15 March 2012

Parade Day Passage

Another fabulous parade day has come and gone, as always hosted by a dear friend who's apartment is worthy of (and actually has been in the past) featured on the best kind of antique collector home and garden television show.

The spread and the decorations are always done up beyond anything imaginable. Orange, green, and white streamers interspersed with fascinating vintage trinkets and various collectibles that he has somehow unearthed over the years.

Even the turn of the century pedal organ was adorned with a green boa and Irish flags.

And of course, nothing says "Parade Day in Scranton done properly" quite like five bottles of Jameson on a silver platter.

As usual, it was a get together worthy of the ages. Everyone made it out safe and sound (if a little hungover), and none of those delightful antiques were injured in the process.

And as the party died down and we watched time tick by on that great art deco clock, we couldn't help but count ourselves among the most fortunate to have been able to party so hard, among such good friends, in such great surroundings.

Here's to another successful Scranton Parade Day!


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Amanda said...

What a way to party! Great stuff.