22 March 2012

First Eggs!

The weekend of parade day, I also had the opportunity to spend a few days dogsitting for my aunt and uncle. They have three of the sweetest, most amiable puppers... probably on this planet.

They also happen to live next to my grandmother, and they share a fenced in back yard. So since we were blessed with a number of beautiful spring days that week, my grandmother and I spent a lot of time sitting on her covered porch, drinking tea and coffee, and watching the dogs run around and chase birds.

Well, the big dachshund doesn't really "run" persay. More like waddle. <3

But also during that time, we got some eggs done!

My grandmother started up making pysanky shortly after my mother and I dragged out the old supplies after a long break. But unlike our household, she's continued to do it every year since.

So she had all her dyes and supplies, and had already finished a dozen by the time I started dogsitting. So while we were porch sitting and dog-watching, we worked on a few.

I freehanded three eggs while I was there, all non-traditional, and all only two color due to time constraints. The purple one above, I simply am not a fan of, but I like the color. It took me a little bit to get the hang of being able to predict how the finished product will look... I kept connecting my wax where I probably shouldn't have, and as a result have WAY too much white.

However, the following two, I learned my lesson. Using the decoupaged eggs I found on Pinterest as inspiration, I did two navy and white eggs that in the end I really like.

I only have a preview photo for now... they're still sitting at my grandmother's house waiting to be varnished. But I'm pretty pleased with my first attempts for the year... Now I've just got to get around to buying new dyes for our house!



Amanda said...

The eggs are works of art. And I love the dogs. I have a soft spot for Duchsies.

Timiae said...

The eggs look amazing! So pretty. The puppies are precious... I can't help but love a chubby Dachshund :)

Kristin said...

Lovely eggs! I'm always super impressed by people who do pysanky.