28 August 2012

Update on Relaunch

I'm still here, and still have big plans for the relaunch, but there has been an unforeseen complication.

See, I moved this summer. Into a house I share with four of my friends. I have a brand new room to decorate, the house is a bit of a mess due to housing only college boys for several years before I moved in (so there are tons of home-improvement projects I wish to undertake), and the most exciting part of all of this is that I also now have space to sew again.

Progress, right?


However, somewhere along the line in the process of moving 25 years worth of stuff from my parent's house to my new abode, my darling camera decided to go AWOL.

Maybe the layers of dirt that come from a building housing only boys for several years scared it off. Or maybe the idea of no longer having our lovely animals around to photograph was simply too much for it to take... (Or maybe I'm just an idiot and lost it.)

WHATEVER the cause was, the reality of the situation is that I have lots of posts written and prepared to share, but no pictures to go with them. And since photography is kind of the butter to this blog's bread, there's really no going forward until I remedy this camera situation... and with a brand new rent bill to pay, that may take a couple weeks as I scrimp and save and penny pinch.

So stay tuned. This is still happening.



Timiae said...

I've missed your posts! Congrats on the moved... that's so exciting.

Amanda said...

The wait for the photos will be worth it!